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Nokia RingTones

Arabic Melodies





Key Note Press (1/8) Hold (1/4)
c DO c .c
d RE d .d
e MI e .e
f FA f .f
g SOL g .g
a LA a .a
b SI b .b
Note Duration [8tuv] shortens (-) and [9wxyz] lengthens (+) the duration of the note or rest. The default duration is 1/4. The duration is shown in front of the note, eg. 16d denotes a note d with duration 1/16.
Rest [ 0 ] insert a rest (i.e. pause) of the same duration as the previous note. The default duration of a rest is one quarter note (1/4). The rest is indicated by - character.
Octave [* +] sets the octave for new notes. The octave is shown as a number after the note (e.g. e1).
Pitch [ # ] makes the note sharp (indicated by # in front of the note), e.g. #f. The pitch selection is not avaialble for notes e and b.
[ C ] deletes a note or a rest to the left.
Tempo After you have completed the tone press (Options), choose Tempo Allows you to select the desired tempo for the tone (in beats per minutes)

    Codes (that they dont tell you in the manual)

  • To check the IMEI : *#06#
        TAC    FAC     SNR    SP
    TAC = Type Approval Code (first 2 digits = country code).
    FAC = Final Assembly Code (For Nokia phones FAC=10).
    SNR = Serial Number.
    SP = Spare (always SP=0).

  • To check the phone's software type : *#0000#
    Information you can get from the phone's software version:
    V X.XX

    1st line: Software version.
    2nd line: The date of the software release.
    3nd line: Phone type. .

  • *3370#: to activate Enhanced Full Rate - Makes calls sound better, but decreases the battery life by about 5%.

  • #3370#: to deactivate Enhanced Full Rate

  • *4720#: to activate Half Rate Mode - Drops call quality, but increases battery life by about 30%.

  • #4720#: to deactivate Half Rate Mode.

  • Add new tones to your 61XX

    To get new ringtones for your Nokia 61XX phone, you can do it the "real" way ! To make your one ringtones you will need 3 things:

    1. The Nokia Cellulear Data Suite Program.
    2. The Connection cabel for your phone (or an IR-port on your computer).
    3. The Nokring program, which is shareware, and can be downloaded here.

    Then you are ready to make your own tones, or get some one elses, to your phone. With the Nokring Program you can create your one tones, with Notes or RTTTL (Ring Tones Text Trasfer Language), you can even inport tones that are made for the NOKIA 9000 (but some of them might need to be shorted to fit the 61XX) One other great thing is that you now can send ringtones to your friends. just put their cellular nummber in the upload window and the tone will be SMS't to them.