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Arabic Melodies






Get the notes for the melodies you want and type them into your phone, according to the table bellow.
Key Note Press (1/8) Hold (1/4)
1 DO c C
2 RE d D
3 MI e E
4 FA f F
5 SOL g G
6 LA a A
7 SI b B
8 DO (2nd octave) +c +C
9 RE (2nd octave) +d +D
0   Change octave (+)  
*   Pause 1/8 (p)  
#   1 press = # 
2 press = b

scroll within the melody. Press and hold to get to the beginning or end of the melody.
CLR erase the note to the left cursor. If you press and hold CLR, the whole melody is erased.

Try all the melodies on your PC before you use them on your phone! Get now GH688 / GF788 MusicBox for Windows, or go to the official page.